How To Find The Best Hashtags For Instagram

How To Find The Best Hashtags For Instagram in 2023

When I first started navigating the world of Instagram, one question often plagued me: how to find the best hashtags for Instagram?

Hashtags, after all, serve as one of the most effective tools to boost engagement and visibility on our Instagram posts.

But the path to mastering the hashtag game isn’t always clear-cut.

  • Should you inundate your posts with them?
  • Are there different categories of hashtags?
  • What hashtags are currently in vogue?
  • Should they reside in your caption or comments?

In this article, we will unlock the answers to these questions and unravel the art of using hashtags on Instagram.


The Functionality of Instagram Hashtags

In the broadest sense, Instagram hashtags are labels for your content, assisting Instagram in presenting your posts to the right audience. Their primary role fuels the search results on the Instagram Explore page.

How To Find The Best Hashtags For Instagram
How To Find The Best Hashtags For Instagram

However, their utility goes beyond just this. Instagram’s algorithm also uses hashtags as a point of reference to categorize your content and recommend it to users who may be interested.


Instagram Hashtags in 2023: Are They Still Relevant?

The efficacy of hashtags on Instagram has been a hot topic of debate, especially since Instagram’s recommendation to use between 3-5 hashtags.

Yet, using relevant, well-chosen hashtags and keywords on posts and Reels remains a top strategy to connect with new audiences on Instagram.

This brings us to the crux of the matter: the importance of a well-defined hashtag strategy. Without one, you might be losing out on chances to optimize your content, boost engagement, and increase your followers.


The Perks of Utilizing Hashtags on Instagram

Finding the best hashtags for Instagram isn’t just about increasing your visibility; it also presents a plethora of other opportunities. The “right” hashtags can land your content in front of your target audience, potentially translating to higher engagement, a larger follower base, and increased customers for your brand.

Hashtags on Instagram
Hashtags on Instagram

But it doesn’t stop there.

The versatility of hashtags extends to community-building, sourcing user-generated content (UGC), conducting campaigns, and more.

For example, we’ve successfully used hyper-relevant hashtags like #CreatorRates, #InstagramCreators, and #InfluencerRates in our captions, enabling users interested in creator rates resources to discover our content with ease.

In a nutshell, the use of apt Instagram hashtags helps your content reach a wider audience, boosting the likelihood of likes, comments, shares and saves.

Let’s recap what we’ve discussed so far:

Use Relevant Hashtags
Enhance content visibility
Maintain a Well-Defined Hashtag Strategy
Optimize content and increase followers
Utilize Appropriate Hashtags
Boost engagement and expand follower base

Remember, using hashtags on Instagram is like casting a net into the vast ocean of Instagram users.

The more effective your hashtag strategy, the more rewarding your catch will be!


The 50 Trendiest Instagram Hashtags of 2023

Just as it’s essential to understand how to find the best hashtags for Instagram, it’s also beneficial to be aware of what’s currently trending.

While employing ultra-popular hashtags might not always maximize reach and engagement due to their high usage, they offer a pulse of what’s hot on the platform.

Here’s a recent snapshot of the top 50 Instagram hashtags, based on their usage in the last month:


Determining the Ideal Number of Instagram Hashtags per Post

Instagram has suggested using between 3-5 hashtags in our posts, even though the platform allows for up to 30.

This advice comes as Instagram expands its discoverability and SEO tools to more accurately categorize content for the Explore Page and Instagram Reels tab, thereby curtailing spammy or irrelevant hashtag usage.

From our observations, using more hashtags usually gives better results. On average, posts with 20 hashtags receive the highest reach rate.

So, as of now, using more hashtags seems to be the winning strategy for extending your reach on feed posts. But remember, the emphasis should be on the quality and relevance of the hashtags rather than just the quantity.


Number of Hashtags
Reach Rate

Diversifying Your Hashtag Portfolio: The Different Types of Instagram Hashtags

Choosing the best hashtags for Instagram isn’t just about popularity and trends; it’s also about variety. Different types of hashtags can serve distinct purposes, helping to make your hashtag strategy well-rounded.

Consider the following types of hashtags:

Hashtag Type
#BryantPark, #LowerEastSide
#SocialMediaManagers, #WeddingPlanners
#VanLifeLiving, #IAmASweatyBetty
#WoodwickCandles, #SheaButterProducts

There’s no magic formula dictating the number of each category you should use. But keeping these categories in mind can provide hashtag inspiration and guide your strategy.


Since 2007, hashtags have been a significant part of our digital lives.

From grouping discussions in the early days of IRC chats to revolutionizing social media and commemorating historical events, hashtags have come a long way.

They’ve become an essential tool for marketers and influencers worldwide, particularly on Instagram. But to leverage their full potential, we need to understand how to find the best hashtags for Instagram.


How To Find The Best Trending Hashtags For Instagram
How To Find The Best Trending Hashtags For Instagram

Understanding the Power of Instagram Hashtags

On Instagram, hashtags are the difference between visibility and obscurity.

They make your content discoverable, increase the reach of your posts, and categorize content, making it visible to a broader audience. In essence, hashtags are one of the most effective ways to grow your Instagram profile.

Hashtags are clickable.

When users click on a hashtag on Instagram posts or type it in the search bar, they see a page displaying content tagged with that particular hashtag.

This is the power of hashtags.

They can be used on posts, Stories, and Reels.

If you tag your content with the right hashtag, it will appear on the hashtag page.

As people can follow hashtags, it’s a fantastic way to reach a new audience.

Many brands create their own hashtags to engage followers and build a broad online community.

For instance, Adidas has done an excellent job with their branded hashtag #ImpossibleIsNothing, which has already reached over 430k posts.


However, it’s crucial to track the performance of branded hashtags.

Unfortunately, Instagram does not provide extended analytics.


How To Find The Best Hashtags For Instagram in 2023

There are several ways to find trending hashtags on Instagram.

The first thought that probably comes to your mind is to search for trending hashtags inside the Instagram mobile app.

That’s a good start.

Instagram provides a few ways to discover what is trending.

But that’s not the only way.

There are also some interesting tools and apps worth using.


1. Check Instagram’s Explore Page

The Explore Page is driven by an algorithm. It is a collection of posts and reels generated by your reactions, followers, and accounts you are following. You can see content related to your interests here. However, searching for hashtags here will require manual effort and can be time-consuming.


2. Use the Hashtag Autocomplete Feature

Instagram has a search engine that can be used to search accounts, audio, places, and of course, tags.

hashtag autocomplete
hashtag autocomplete

While typing, the search engine also shows similar, popular hashtags. However, this feature suggests highly popular hashtags with millions of posts, which may not always be the best choice as your content could get lost in the crowd.


3. Use a Social Listening Tool

Social listening tools like:


Brand24 provides a reliable, easy-to-use, and affordable solution to track and engage in real-time conversations relevant to your business. They also offer an Instagram analytics feature.


Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a comprehensive social media management tool with powerful social listening features. It allows you to monitor keywords, hashtags, and profiles.

Sprout Social
Sprout Social


Hootsuite is another popular social media management tool that offers social listening capabilities. You can set up streams to monitor conversations, keywords, and hashtags.



BuzzSumo is a powerful online tool that allows any user to find out what content is popular by topic or on any website, providing insights about the influencers in your industry.



Mention is a real-time media monitoring tool that lets you track social mentions, analyze competitors, find influencers, and generate leads.


Those tools define the most popular hashtags related to your business.

I’m sure will save you time searching hashtags on your Instagram feed.


4. Follow Relevant Hashtags

You can follow Instagram users, but did you know that you can also track hashtags?

By clicking “Follow,” top posts marked with a hashtag will appear on the home page.

Follow Relevant Hashtags
Follow Relevant Hashtags

Those posts will probably include similar hashtags, making it a great way to discover popular and related hashtags.


5. Follow Relevant Influencers

Influencers create trends on Instagram.

So why not check what hashtags they use?

There is nothing wrong with following their steps.

Instagram Stories can also contain hashtags, so don’t forget to follow those too.

instagram influencers
instagram influencers

6. Explore Websites with Hashtag Lists

Many web sources publish lists of trending hashtags on Instagram. However, these lists often contain highly popular tags used by millions of users, which may not always be beneficial.

Furthermore, it’s hard to verify whether the lists are updated and trustworthy.

Some recommended sources include:

7. Use Mobile Apps

App Stores are full of mobile apps that generate popular hashtags for social media platforms.

I tested 3 hashtag generator mobile apps: In Tags, Tagify, and Hashtag Generator.

Hashtag Generator app
Hashtag Generator app

These apps work pretty nicely if you are looking for popular or the most popular hashtags.

However, they may not detect some hashtags that are trending and gathering more and more interest from Instagram users.


Best Practices for Instagram Hashtags in 2023

Finding trending hashtags is just half the story – another important part is how to use them properly.

Here are some timeless tips:

  • Check Instagram Insights: You can check how many impressions you received from hashtags. With this data, you can deduce which hashtags are the best for improving reach.
  • Avoid Popular and Too General Hashtags: If too many people use a hashtag, it’s hard to gain broad reach. The algorithm won’t favor your post for that hashtag. It’s much better to use a combination of moderately popular, relevant hashtags.
  • Use Niche Hashtags: Using niche hashtags will bring a highly targeted audience – they will drive quality engagement on your profile.
  • Don’t Overuse Your Hashtags: If you post often, make sure you change hashtags but always keep them relevant and as trending as possible. Otherwise, Instagram’s algorithm will recognize you as a spammer.
  • Add Trending Hashtags to Instagram Stories: Don’t forget to add a trending hashtag to your Stories. So it will be visible in the collection of Stories on Hashtag pages.
  • Create Branded and Campaign Hashtags: Using dedicated hashtags for your brand and marketing campaigns is a great way to increase brand awareness and measure the results of Instagram marketing.

How Many Hashtags Should I Use on Instagram?

There are different theories about the number of hashtags an Instagram post should contain. According to a study by Later, posts with 20-30 hashtags receive the highest average reach, likes, and comments. Therefore, it’s recommended to use 20-30 hashtags to maximize your reach on Instagram.



Trending Instagram hashtags are super important in digital marketing.

The aim is to place your posts on the Explore Page because getting up there means reaching a wider audience and, more importantly, potential customers.

It would help if you had an Instagram hashtag strategy.

Whether you want to boost your Instagram marketing or simply get more followers and likes, top trending hashtags on Instagram are needed to control. Advanced tools are here to rescue you.


Whether you want to boost your Instagram marketing or simply get more followers and likes, top trending hashtags on Instagram are needed to control. Advanced tools are here to rescue you

How to fuck

How To Find The Best Hashtags For Instagram

The first thought that probably comes to your mind is to search for trending hashtags inside the Instagram mobile app.
That’s a good start.


  • thought

How do I use hashtags effectively on Instagram?

To use hashtags effectively on Instagram, follow these tips:
Relevance: Use hashtags that are relevant to your post. Irrelevant hashtags can lead to your post being marked as spam.
Research: Check out what hashtags are being used by influencers or competitors in your niche. This can give you an idea of what hashtags are popular and effective.
Variety: Don’t use the same hashtags for every post. Instagram’s algorithm may mark it as spam.
Placement: You can place hashtags in the post caption or in the first comment. Both are effective.
Number: Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per post. However, using all 30 can look spammy. A good rule of thumb is to use between 5 and 10 per post.

Can I create my own hashtag on Instagram?

Yes, you can create your own hashtag on Instagram. To do this, all you need to do is add the ‘#’ symbol before a word or phrase (with no spaces) in your post caption or comment. However, it’s essential to research your hashtag before using it. Ensure it’s not already being used in a way that could be associated with different content or brand.

Why are my Instagram hashtags not working?

There could be several reasons why your Instagram hashtags are not working:
Shadowban: Instagram may have shadowbanned your account. This can happen if you’re using a broken or abused hashtag, spamming, or if you’ve received a lot of reports about your account.
Overuse: If you use the same hashtags repeatedly, Instagram might mark your posts as spam.
Irrelevant Hashtags: If you’re using hashtags that aren’t relevant to your post, Instagram might not show your post under those hashtags.
Banned Hashtags: Some hashtags are banned or restricted by Instagram. If you use these, your other hashtags may not work properly.
Too Many Hashtags: If you use more than 30 hashtags in a single post, none of your hashtags will work.

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