How to Use TikTok

How to Use TikTok: Best Guide For Starters 2023

In this guide, you will learn How to Use TikTok as a pro.

TikTok boasts 1 billion active users globally and has been downloaded over 2 billion times. This isn’t just a passing craze – it’s a proper social media sensation.

Are you looking to achieve fame?

Or maybe to be a professional!!

Whether your goal is to gain popularity or to master the ins and outs of the platform, we’ve got the information you need to succeed. Keep reading to learn how to make the most of TikTok and become a pro.




What is TikTok?


TikTok is an app designed for creating bite-sized mobile videos. Users can produce clips lasting anywhere from 5 seconds to 3 minutes, utilizing a vast selection of music and entertaining effects to assemble captivating mini-movies swiftly. To learn the ropes of TikTok, be sure to watch our tutorial video right here.


Apart from the enjoyment of rapidly filming and editing videos on your phone, what truly captivates countless users on TikTok is the ability to explore content through its highly refined algorithm.

This feature keeps the experience fresh and engaging, drawing people in and making the platform hard to resist.



TikTok’s For You page (the app’s primary screen) offers a non-stop stream of videos from various users, continually adapting to your tastes as you engage with the content.

Some might argue it’s almost too perceptive.

Think of it as a tailor-made TV channel that accommodates your interests while addressing our shrinking attention spans!

TikTok’s impressive impact on the Gen Z demographic has turned it into a formidable marketing force.

Songs skyrocket to popularity (a nod to Doja Cat!), new stars rise (props to Addison Rae for transitioning from TikTok dance sensation to a starring role in He’s All That), and trends propagate at lightning speed (who can forget the great feta cheese craze?).

In a nutshell, TikTok offers an outstanding platform for brands to dive into and create substantial buzz.


Baked feta pasta viral recipe! Inspired by #uunifeta via @liemessa & @tiiupiret #learnontiktok #foodtiktok #foodie

♬ She Share Story (for Vlog) – 山口夕依


It’s crucial to recognize the pivotal roles that music and dancing play within the TikTok landscape — the app originated from a merger between ByteDance and



Had to hit this classic to a classic DC : @swooshflawlessuk #tryagainchallenge #rocktheboatchallenge W/ @anthony_a_d

♬ original sound – orokanaworld


It’s essential to acknowledge that the app has encountered several controversies stemming from notable privacy and security concerns.

Despite these challenges, millions of users around the world continue to enjoy the app. So, let’s dive into how you can become part of this thrilling experience too.


How to set up a TikTok account


1.Download the TikTok app from either the iOS App Store or Google Play

How to Use TikTok


2. Open the app.


3. Go to Me.


tiktok account
tiktok account


4. Choose a method to sign up.

Choose a method to sign up tiktok
Choose a method to sign up TikTok


Congratulations! You’ve officially become a TikTok user! There’s no turning back now!



How to create a TikTok


Having a TikTok account is the beginning of your journey toward mastery of social media.

The next step is to create some engaging content.

Fortunately, it’s both easy and enjoyable.

  1. After setting up your account, tap the + symbol at the bottom of the screen to enter Create mode.
  2. Before you begin recording, you can pre-select various editing features to apply to your video clip from a menu on the right-hand side of the screen. Switch to your front-facing camera, adjust the speed, use a beautifying lens, experiment with different filters, set up a self-timer, or toggle the flash on or off.


How to make a TikTok
How to make a TikTok


3. Tap Add Sound at the top of the screen to select and set up sound clips or music for your video.


Add sound
Add sound



4. Are you ready to record?

Press and hold the red button located at the bottom center to film your video, or give it a single tap to snap a picture.

If you prefer, tap the Upload button to the right of the record button, and you can browse your camera library to upload a photo or video you’ve already taken.


Ready to record
Ready to record


  1. To include more videos or photos in the sequence, repeat steps 2 through 4.
  2. Once you’ve completed your “scenes,” tap the checkmark icon.
  3. At this point, you’ll have the opportunity to fine-tune your creation by adding text, stickers, extra filters, voiceovers, and more.




8. Once satisfied with your video, tap Next to add a caption or hashtags, tag friends, include a URL, or adjust various privacy settings on or off as needed.


Next tiktok
Next TikTok


9. Share your creation by tapping the Post button!


Mastering TikTok Effects


TikTok’s alluring editing effects significantly contribute to the platform’s widespread popularity.

The app’s vast array of filters, effects, and graphic elements makes it incredibly easy to create eye-catching videos, such as a fiery performance set to a Megan Thee Stallion track with flames bursting from your eyes.

Follow these simple steps to harness the power of TikTok’s editing effects:

  1. Begin by tapping the “+” icon at your screen’s bottom center to start crafting your video.
  2. Look for the “Effects” menu, which is situated to the left of the record button, and tap on it.
  3. Swipe right to peruse the diverse range of effect subcategories, from whimsical “Animals” to entertaining “Funny” effects. To get a feel for how each effect will appear on camera, tap on any of them for a quick preview.


TikTok Effects
TikTok Effects


Delve into the “Green Screen” category, where you’ll discover various methods to superimpose your video over a virtual background.

Don’t hesitate to experiment!

Alongside the effects, you’ll see a row of images and videos from your camera roll.

To merge your chosen photo or video with the green screen effect, simply tap on the desired media file and witness the enchanting fusion of creativity and technology at work.


how to use tiktok


  1. Once you’ve identified the perfect effect to incorporate into your video, exit the effects menu and press the record button to capture your scene with the chosen effect in action.


Most TikTok Editing Features


Feeling overwhelmed about where to begin your editing adventure? Start by becoming proficient with these widely-used video editing features:

  1. The Green Screen Tool:

Whisk yourself away to any global location using the green screen effect.

Tap the “Effects” button to the left of the record button and navigate to the “Green Screen” tab. This section contains various styles, but each one superimposes a new video of you over an artificial background.



Try out the new #greenscreenvideo Update the app to use the new Creative Effect!

♬ original sound – TikTok


TikTok Duets

The TikTok duet feature lets you share a split-screen with another user’s content, allowing you to sing, dance, or indulge in light-hearted fun together.

To create a duet with a video, tap the share button located on the right-hand side of the video and select “Duet.” Keep in mind that users must enable this feature, so not every video you come across will be available for a duet.



#duet with @nastitwerk

♬ Bum bun – Kiessooo


Adding Text

Text overlays are a common feature in TikTok videos, often used for adding witty remarks or closed captions. To incorporate text into your video, simply access the final editing screen and input your desired text content.

Canadians let them know this is facts???? #fypシ #friedchicken #eat #foodtiktok #foodie #trending #xyzbca #xyzbca #america #canada???????? #yum #Chicken #fy

♬ Touch Down To Cause Hell (KingMix) – Kingdanzz


Disappearing, or Transforming and Appearing

Achieving this popular TikTok illusion doesn’t require any advanced editing skills.

All you need to do is record consecutive clips, ensuring that each one starts exactly where the previous one ended. You can create seamless transitions by beginning a clip with a snap, your palm covering the lens, or even by being completely out of the camera’s frame. This simple technique results in a captivating appearance, disappearance, or transformation effect in your TikTok video.



No puede haber más verdad en un video! A quien más le favoreció la pubertad? Miren mi ultima foto de insta ???????? IG: @kattemusic #glowupchallenge

♬ La Niña de la Escuela – Lola Indigo & TINI & Belinda




TikTok is constantly rolling out new effects, filters, and features, which means editing tricks that are trending can change on a daily basis. One such trend that’s currently taking the platform by storm is the clone photo effect. You’ll find it popping up everywhere, and for good reason—it’s a fun and creative way to enhance your videos.


tiktok Cloning


To stay on top of what’s currently trending on TikTok, keep an eye on the Discover tab. This is where you’ll find all the latest effects, filters, and features capturing users’ attention. Whether you’re an experienced TikTok user or just starting out, the Discover tab is an invaluable resource for staying in the know.

So, if you want to add some extra pizzazz to your videos, consider trying the clone photo effect. And don’t forget to check out the Discover tab for even more exciting trends and editing tricks!


How to navigate TikTok


If you’re new to TikTok and overwhelmed by the endless content stream, don’t worry, we know how to lean you How to Use TikTok– there is a method to the madness. The five icons across the bottom of your screen structure your TikTok experience and make it easier to navigate.

Starting from the left, the icons are:


  1. Home This is where you’ll find a stream of TikTok content from other users. In the “For You” tab, the TikTok algorithm will deliver fresh content from across the app that it thinks you might like. Swipe over to the “Following” tab (at the top of the screen) if you want to see what your friends are up to.tiktok home
  1. Discover Tap on the magnifying glass icon to explore new content on TikTok. This is where you can search for specific users, hashtags, or sounds, or browse through popular categories such as food, travel, or comedy.
    tiktok Discover
    tiktok Discover
  1. Upload The plus sign icon is where you can create and upload your own TikTok videos. You can either record a new video or select one from your phone’s camera roll.tiktok upload
  1. Inbox The inbox icon is where you’ll find your TikTok notifications, including likes, comments, and followers. You can also use this section to communicate with other TikTok users.tiktok inbox
  1. Me Finally, the “Me” icon is where you can access your TikTok profile. Here, you can view your own videos, edit your profile information, and manage your settings and preferences


By using these icons, you can easily navigate your way through the TikTok app and discover new and exciting content. So go ahead, explore and have fun!


How to change your TikTok username

Choosing the right username is important on TikTok, as it helps other users find you on the platform. As a general rule, it’s best to keep your username simple and straightforward, such as using your brand name as your username. However, if you do need to change your username, the process is quick and easy:

  1. Go to the Profile tab.
  2. Tap on “Edit profile”.
  3. Type in your new username and save the changes.


How to change your TikTok username
How to change your TikTok username


That’s it! Just remember that changing your username too frequently can make it difficult for other users to find and recognize your account, so it’s best to stick with a name that represents you or your brand consistently over time.



How to find friends on TikTok


If you’re looking to connect with your friends on TikTok, there are a few ways to do it. One of the easiest ways is to connect your profile to your contact list or Facebook account. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the “Me” tab (bottom right corner of the screen).
  2. Tap on the “human-and-a-plus-sign” icon in the top left corner.
  3. Choose to invite friends directly, connect with your phone’s contact list, or connect with your Facebook friends list.
  4. Follow the prompts to connect with your desired friends.

It’s worth noting that if you connect your phone’s contact list, TikTok will sync your contacts to help you find friends who are also on the platform. However, if you want to turn off contact sync, you can do so by going back into your phone’s privacy settings and turning off contact access for TikTok.


How to find friends on TikTok
How to find friends on TikTok


Now, my turn is an end to teach you How to Use TikTok.
What are you waiting for? For now, it’s your turn to start.
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