Why Is My Youtube Video Not Getting Views

Why Is My Youtube Video Not Getting Views?

So your question is, Why Is My Youtube Video Not Getting Views? Right

Don’t worry.

I got 100k subscribers in less than one month ????

And Now I have 215k subscribers!!

Not just that, I earned $18,826.40 with 10.0M Views.

Why Is My Youtube Video Not Getting Views?



Why Is My Youtube Video Not Getting Views?


  1. Poor SEO: Inadequate optimization of video
  2. Low-quality content: Bad video production
  3. Oversaturated niche: High competition in your topic
  4. Ineffective thumbnail: Unappealing or misleading thumbnails
  5. Insufficient promotion: Limited sharing on social media
  6. Inactive channel: Infrequent uploads or engagement
  7. Algorithm changes: YouTube’s ever-evolving algorithm
  8. Inconsistent metadata: Mismatched video titles or tags can
  9. Limited audience targeting: Ignoring key demographics
  10. Audience retention: If your video fails to hold viewers’ attention


I think you know about those things, right? Yes?


In this article, we will go deep and explain everything to you slightly differently than what you learned. If you are Tiktoker Or Snapchat creator, look at that article it’s fantastic, and im sure will help u.


10 Best Ways To Boost Your YouTube Views


You’re not alone!

As someone with a video to share and a pulse, it’s only natural to want more eyes on your content.

YouTube remains the top video-sharing platform worldwide, racking up over 14 billion visits monthly—more than Facebook, Wikipedia, Instagram, or Amazon.

In fact, 62% of US adults visit YouTube every single day.


So, what counts as a view on YouTube?

A view occurs when someone intentionally starts playing a video and watches it for at least 30 seconds. Simple, right?

If you play your video, it counts as a view.


Each time a viewer re-watches your video, it’s counted as a new view.

(However, repeatedly refreshing the page to manipulate the count will be detected by YouTube.)

Embedded YouTube videos or those shared on Facebook contribute to the view count.


Live views on YouTube count too.

YouTube updates its analytics every day or two, so check again later if your activity isn’t immediately reflected.

In this guide, we’ll share easy wins to amplify your message on YouTube and more advanced techniques pros use to get even more views.


Youtube advanced
Youtube advanced


Let’s get started and answer your question Why Is My Youtube Video Not Getting Views ?


1. Get your YouTube basics right

Before you sprint, make sure you’ve mastered walking.

Start by checking your fundamentals and ensuring you’ve ticked all the boxes.

Go through our beginner tips for YouTube, then return for more advanced tactics.


Your essential YouTube housekeeping includes:


1. A consistent visual identity (channel icon, YouTube channel art, etc.—see how Architectural Digest maintains consistent branding)


consistent visual identity
consistent visual identity


2. A completed and informative About section (unless you’re a breakout YouTube star like Joana Ceddia)


A completed and informative
A completed and informative


3. Up-to-date contact information (so potential customers and future brand partners can reach you)

Up-to-date contact information
Up-to-date contact information


2. Focus on your specific niche (and your ideal audience)


One of the biggest and most crucial mistakes for me is the diversity in the content!!!

If you play Fortnite, why do you play Need for Speed?


To optimize your YouTube marketing strategy, be precise and selective about your goals and the content that will help you achieve them.

You’re not making videos for everyone—you’re here for your particular audience.


Take Deep Game’s YouTube channel, for example.


It creates content specifically for basketball players looking to improve their game.

It doesn’t try to cater to soccer or dodgeball players—just basketball.

Deep Game’s 877K followers appreciate that.

Pro tip: Have you created your audience personas yet? Think of them like Dungeons & Dragons characters, but business-oriented.


3. Research and boost your video’s search ranking


Yes, YouTube is a social platform, but it’s also a search engine.

A top strategy for getting more views is YouTube SEO, which means optimizing your videos for search.


Simply put, when your ideal viewer searches for specific keywords, you want your video to appear near the top of YouTube’s results.

This means knowing what your audience seeks—tutorials, inspiration, or entertainment.


Ranking in search results is an excellent way to attract new viewers, not just subscribers and people already interested in your channel.

So, Why Is My Youtube Video Not Getting Views?


Use a tool like Google Keyword Planner or mangools

Research and boost your video's search ranking
Research and boost your video’s search ranking


  • Find inspiration for your next video based on what people are searching for
  • Use relevant keywords in your metadata (video title, tags, description text, subtitles)


Pro tip: Familiarize yourself with the YouTube algorithm. This AI determines search results and recommendations for the crucial “what’s up next” suggested videos sidebar.


Remember, it’s all about your ideal viewer.

The algorithm focuses on whether a specific user wants to watch your video, which typically means they prefer “good” videos.



Learn from the most popular videos in your niche to get more YouTube views.

Check out your top competitor’s most popular video (sort their video library by “most popular“).

most popular
most popular


YouTube’s primary goal is to keep viewers on the platform as long as possible.

The algorithm’s job is to provide viewers with one adorable video after another.


YouTube considers:

  • Videos are often watched together
  • Videos the user has managed in the past
  • Topically related videos (requires keyword finesse)


You can control the third point.

When choosing keywords, think like a librarian. Describe your video’s topic and its overall category, and consider other words a person might use to search for that topic.


Need inspiration? Peek behind the scenes of a competitor’s video to see their keywords by right-clicking the webpage, selecting View Page Source, and searching for “keywords” to find the list.



5. Create the perfect title


Your title is where all those keywords come into play.

Your YouTube video title can make or break your success: it’s your chance to impress both the YouTube algorithm and potential viewers.


As YouTube Creator Academy states, “Well-written titles can be the difference between someone watching and sharing your video or scrolling right past it.”

A great title:

  • Has 60-70 characters
  • Accurately represents the content
  • Sparks curiosity
  • Often includes a number (like steps, the current year, or tips)
  • Often uses brackets or parentheses (to add more info)

Create the perfect title

Check YouTube’s front page for inspiration, and consider which videos you want to click on.

What qualities do the titles share?


6. Invest time in your description


Incorporating keywords into your description is crucial, and their placement matters.

According to YouTube’s Creator Academy, the first few sentences of the video description carry more weight for the algorithm and search, so take the time to craft a clear, keyword-packed intro.


Those first few lines should also intrigue humans (not just Google bots!) because that’s the preview users see when your video appears in a search.

Invest time in your description


Please give them a taste of your offer: this is your chance to sell.

Beyond the first few lines, provide detailed information about what users will learn from your video.

Aim for 125-175 words, and include various keywords in your paragraphs.


7. Embrace the power of tagging


Tags help YouTube understand your video’s content, so don’t overlook this effective way to get more YouTube views.

Start with your keywords and key phrases, but add variations on your keyword—alternative terms people might be searching for.

youtube Tags

You can also include broader categories in your tags, like “baking,” “cooking,” or “entertaining” for a video about a cake recipe.


8. Boost views with custom thumbnails


When potential viewers browse search results and recommendations, thumbnails significantly influence their watching decision.

In fact, YouTube reports that 90% of the most-viewed videos use a custom thumbnail.


Instead of cluttered designs, focus on the properties of a compelling thumbnail:

  • It’s clear and accurate about the video it’s describing.
  • It stands out.
  • It works in tandem with the video’s title.

Boost views with custom thumbnails

Financial counselor Max Mitchell uses intriguing visuals in his custom thumbnails, sparking curiosity and enticing viewers to click.


9. Boost views by creating playlists


Organize and create video playlists on YouTube to reduce the chances of viewers moving to another channel after watching your content.


Like Netflix, when one video ends in a playlist, the next one starts. Guide your viewers toward the content they’ll enjoy next like Owl Crate does with separate playlists for author chats, unboxing videos, and reviews. Remember to use SEO-friendly playlist titles to attract viewers and appear in search results.   10. Drive traffic to your videos with cards and end screens   Cards and end screens are two tools that help you influence your audience’s next choice. Cards are clickable, interactive areas that appear during the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qiVqicC8sIA&ab_channel=vidIQ   Use a card that links to another video or playlist to increase views


Make sure the linked content is relevant and adds value.


Pro tip: If you notice a significant audience drop-off at a specific point in your video, try inserting a link card there.


End screens are visual calls-to-action added at the end of your video (within the last 5 to 20 seconds).

To get more views, promote other videos or playlists in your end screen. For example, YouTuber JJ McCullough linked to another quirky cultural trivia video after his mascot video.

YouTuber JJ McCullough
YouTuber JJ McCullough


Choose end-screen videos related to the content just watched to keep viewers engaged.

Remember to add a few extra seconds at the end of your video for the end screen when editing.


Why Is My Youtube Video Not Getting Views

Succeeding on YouTube requires a strategic approach and a focus on your target audience.

By following the ten tactics outlined in this article, you’ll be well on your way to increasing your views and growing your channel.


Remember to:


  • Ensure your YouTube basics are up to snuff
  • Zero in on your specific niche and ideal audience
  • Improve your video’s search ranking through research
  • Use metadata to get recommended after popular videos
  • Craft the perfect title
  • Write an engaging and keyword-rich description
  • Master the art of tagging
  • Create eye-catching custom thumbnails
  • Multiply your views by creating playlists
  • Direct traffic to your videos using cards and end screens


Stay consistent, refine your strategy, and, most importantly, create valuable content for your audience. With dedication and persistence, you’ll find success on YouTube and build a loyal following.


Q&A about Why Is My Youtube Video Not Getting Views


How to get more views on youtube?

To get more views on YouTube, focus on catchy titles, engaging thumbnails, SEO, consistency, and genuine connections with your audience!

Why my youtube video is not getting views?

It’s frustrating when your YouTube video isn’t getting views, but this could be due to a few reasons: unclear titles, lackluster thumbnails, poor SEO, inconsistent upload schedule, or the need to better engage with your audience. Keep improving and stay persistent!

What is the best tags for youtube?

The best tags for YouTube are specific, relevant, and targeted, including keywords that describe your video’s content, theme, and niche, along with related phrases that viewers might search for; remember to stay within the 500-character limit and always prioritize quality over quantity.

What is youtube algorithm?

The YouTube algorithm is a complex system that uses machine learning and AI to analyze, rank, and recommend videos to viewers, taking into account factors like watch time, engagement, relevance, user history, and more, with the ultimate goal of providing a personalized and enjoyable experience for each user.

Why my YouTube channel is not growing?

Your YouTube channel might not grow for a few reasons: inconsistent uploads, content that isn’t engaging or unique, weak titles and thumbnails, inadequate SEO optimization, or insufficient promotion and interaction with your audience; keep experimenting and refining your approach to see improvements!

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